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A team of garage members and several Holman staff have come together to form the Masterserve Foundation Committee and have been developing this initiative over time.

The idea behind the Foundation is that for every job a garage carries out, 1% gets donated to the Foundation. All these small donations go into one pot and then every quarter the funds are awarded to charities nominated by you. Awards are made across the UK so that all garages in the network have the opportunity to benefit a local charity. Holman has also agreed to match all donations up to a certain limit. The Foundation started on the 1st November 2015. Watch this page for updates and progress.

“Together we can make a tremendous difference”

Should you wish to participate in this initiative, please contact the Foundation at

Sharon Edwards
On behalf of the Foundation Committee

Total Collected £420,729.02
Awards £420,729.02
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February 2022 Update

The Foundation continues to support local charities with 100% of your donations being awarded to charities that you have nominated.

Please keep up to date with what is happening on our Masterserve Foundation Linkedin page and the VMS news pages.

Check out our total so far, £420,729.02, Keep up the good work.

Together we are making a Tremendous Difference.